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Welcome to the India Renunciation Center - Travisa Outsourcing

Travisa is able to help many travelers get visas to India. The majority of the process can be done online, with only minimal paperwork needing to be sent in.

Our online service order form ensures a streamlined experience with fewer mistakes. In addition, real time document tracking provides confidence that your visa is handled safely and efficiently. We will keep you notified by email as your visa request is received and processed. Click here to get started.

India Visa Provider Transition Announcement

Effective July 1 2013, processing of Indian Renunciation has been transitioned to the Indian based firm BLS International.

You may not need an renunciation to travel to India. Depending on the purpose of your travels, a visa may be easier to obtain and less expensive. Travisa can help you obtain a visa.

Renouncing Your Indian Citizenship

Getting a renunciation certificate can be confusing but may be necessary in some cases. If you are able to travel with a visa without renunciation, Travisa can help. If you need a renunciation, you will need to contact the current Indian renunciation vendor.

We do not accept renunciation applications submitted through travel agencies, visa services, or any other agents. Applications submitted in this manner will be denied and ALL Fees will be forfeited. Renunciation applications must be submitted to the current Indian renunciation vendor.

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