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Welcome to the India OCI Center - Travisa Outsourcing

Travisa Outsourcing handles India OCI requests from individuals residing in the United States as a private contractor to the Indian Embassy and Consulates. "We have revolutionized the way people get their OCI cards." said Jan Dvorak, President of Travisa Outsourcing.

Our online service order form ensures a streamlined experience with fewer mistakes. In addition, real time document tracking provides confidence that your OCI is handled safely and efficiently. We will keep you notified by email as your OCI request is received and processed. Click here to get started.

India Visa Provider Transition Announcement

Effective July 1, processing of Indian OCI's has been transitioned to the Indian based firm BLS International.

More details are available on the Transition FAQ page.

Obtaining an India OCI

Getting an OCI card can be confusing. Our clear instructions help guide you along every step of the way. Click here to get started.

Before submitting your documents to Travisa Outsourcing, please review the OCI most common rejection reasons.

We do not accept OCI applications submitted through travel agencies, visa services, or any other agents. Applications submitted in this manner will be denied and ALL Fees will be forfeited.

The following services are also handled by Travisa Outsourcing:

India Visas, PIO Cards, Renunciation

Travisa Outsourcing

Travisa Outsourcing is a private company that offers customized outsourcing solutions to embassies and consulates worldwide. More information is available at

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I am in process of getting visas to India for myself, my husband, and my three kids. Due to having followed an outdated guide on how to file for a visa printed by our church, I used your old address on Market St. and in the process of the post office returning my package as undeliverable, the package was lost for a week..with all our precious passports! In the anxious wait to get the package back or hear it had been safely delivered, I called Travisa a couple times. I am sorry to say I can't remember all the names of the people who answered the phone but I couldn't believe how quickly the phone was answered and how helpful they were! It was such a pleasure to call and talk directly with a human and not have to cycle through automated systems. Although everyone has been equally friendly and helpful, Rhonda, in particular was kind. She offered to even walk to the old Market St. address and see if the package was being held there by whoever uses those premises now. I'm sure you can imagine how stressful it is to have the Post Office tell you they've lost the most precious package you've ever sent in your life, so I was full of gratitude when Rhonda offered to go above and beyond like that. And Nikki is processing my documents now (they have since arrived safely! Props to the Post Office for not only finding the package but figuring out Travisa's current address for me) and is lovely as well. I really prepared myself each time I called for a frustrating, long, miserable experience, like calling the DMV or an insurance company or something. But it's been a pleasure instead. I'm busy, but I felt impressed enough that I had to write. So please compliment your team!"
– Kate B. on Apr 04, 2014