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Frequently Asked Questions - OCI

Question: I want to inquire regarding the status of my OCI application. Is the online status check accurate?
Answer: If you are emailing for application status, please check the online status tool as this is the most current and only information that we have.

Question: My OCI application has already been mailed to the Consulate directly before I could use Travisa Outsourcing to process my application. How can I inquire regarding the status of my OCI application?
Answer: Please contact your local Consulate for inquiries regarding OCI applications previously submitted directly to the Consulate.

Question: Do I have to send my original US passport with my OCI application?
Answer: No. Your original passport will be required as the last step in the process after your OCI card has been approved and returned From Delhi, India to the Embassy/Consulate. You will receive automatic notification from Travisa Outsourcing when it is time to mail in your original passport.

Question: Where can I find the OCI application form?
Answer: The application can be completed as an Individual or as a family (consisting of 2 parents and up to 2 minor children). For families of 5 or more, each family member should apply individually. Please visit the OCI Requirements page at where you will enter some information about your application as this will allow us to tailor the requirements to your specific needs.

Question: Can an application form be filled out online?
Answer: Yes, the necessary registration forms and Travisa Outsourcing Order Form should be completed online and can be found on the OCI Homepage at Once you have registered online, your application forms and required documents should be sent by mail PREFERABLY BY FEDEX/UPS to the office that is processing your application.

Question: How many copies of application have to be submitted?
Answer: ONE copy of the application should be submitted.

Question: Do the applicant(s) have to take oath before the Consul of the Indian Mission / Post?
Answer: No. Earlier provision in this regard has been done away with.

Question: Where can I submit the application?
Answer: Depending on your processing jurisdiction, you will either need to send your application package to Travisa Outsourcing, or to the Indian consulate. You can find out where to send your application package by going to OCI Requirements at and selecting your state of residence.

Question: Will the PIO Cardholder be granted OCI registration gratis?
Answer: No. There are additional fees for PIO card holders who are applying for an OCI card. Please refer to PIO Consular Fees at for more details.

Question: Do I need to complete a separate Order Form for a Renunciation Certificate if I am also applying for an OCI card?
Answer: No, only one Order Form for an OCI card is required. You can submit your renunciation requirements together with your OCI card requirements.

Question: I made a mistake on my first OCI Online Application Form. Can I fill out a new OCI Online Application Form?
Answer: Yes, you can complete a new OCI Online Application Form.

Question: I am experiencing technical difficulties with the OCI Online Application Form?
Answer: Using any other browser other than Internet Explorer to complete the OCI online application form will cause data loss, which will result in rejection of your application. Travisa Outsourcing does not have control over the OCI online application form. The form is maintained by the Indian Government exclusively.

Question: What are the processing times for OCI applications?
Answer: Regular processing time is approximately 60 days from the time the application is sent from Travisa Outsourcing to the Indian Consulate. Current processing times can be viewed online at

Question: Can a PIO cardholder apply?
Answer: Yes, provided he/she is otherwise eligible for grant of OCI like any other applicant.

Question: What are the fees for OCI applications?
Answer: The fee varies on the type of service requested. The applicable fees for OCI can be viewed online at

Question: Can I hold a valid PIO card and a valid OCI card at the same time?
Answer: No. The PIO card will have to be surrendered when you are issued OCI status and you are issued an OCI .U. visa sticker.

Question: The name on my US passport is different that my name on the Indian passport. What can I do?
Answer: Documentation such as a marriage certificate showing the name change if the name was changed at marriage, an official court order for the name change or an endorsement of name change during naturalization process.

Question: How do I apply for an OCI?
Answer: First, you should review the OCI application requirements at the India OCI Requirements Page. Then, proceed with the Online Order Form.

Question: How can I calculate the renunciation and penalty fees due for my application
Answer: In most cases, the renunciation and penalty fees due for your application will be calculated automatically when you complete the online order form. However, you should also refer to the Renunciation and Penalty Fee Flowchart as a guide.

Question: The OCI Online Application asks 'Does the country of applicant(s) permit dual citizenship in some form or the other?'
Answer: If you are a United States citizen, you may answer Yes. If you are unsure if your current country of nationality permits dual citizenship, you may need to consult with your Government to find out.

Question: My family of 4 would like to apply for OCI cards together. What should we do differently than individual applicants?
Answer: In order to make processing for a group of 4 family members easier for yourself and the processing office, please make out one money order for the entire group payable to Travisa Outsourcing and make sure that all four barcode labels that print out with the Order Form are cut out and attached to the outside of the package before mailing it to our office to ensure proper tracking for aeach application. Follow the Checklist of requirements for each individual as minors have different from requirements from adult OCI applicants.

Question: On Part B of my child's application, there is a line for signature of the 'First Applicant'. Who should sign here?
Answer: This line should contain the father's signature or the mother's signature if she is the only adult applying in the family group.

Please Note that fees paid are non-refundable, even if the service is refused or delayed. In addition, the Consular Officer may ask for additional documents after examining the application.