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Travisa Visa Service can process all Indian visa requests from inside the United States as a private company. "We have revolutionized the way people get their visas," said Jan Dvorak, President of Travisa Visa Service.

Our online process along with the Indian Visa Application ensures a streamlined experience with fewer mistakes. In addition, real time passport tracking provides confidence that your passport is handled safely and efficiently. If applying by mail, we will keep you notified by email as your visa is processed.

Obtaining an India Visa

Our clear instructions help guide you along every step of the way. Applying for a visa can be done in person or through the mail. Click here to get started.

India Visa on Arrival - e-Tourist Visa (eTV) - Now Available!

Learn who can apply online for India Visa on Arrival - e-Tourist Visa (eTV).

Travisa Visa Management Solutions

Travisa is a private company that offers customized travel visa solutions and management to corporations, travel tour operators, embassies and consulates worldwide. More information is available at Travisa also processes visas to virtually any country in the world, including Russia visas, Brazil visas and China visas.

What our customers are saying

"An amazing job done with my OCI card. I was kept well informed during the various stages. The entire process took the exact time as listed on the website. Thanks for all you help with this. I really appreciate it."
– Anup N.
"I want to thank Travisa Outsourcing for their excellent responsiveness for my phone, online and on site queries. We are very happy with their service and got our child's visa in 2 days. Their online visa status update and text facilities are great tools."
– Jay N.
"I was in and out in 5 minutes after submitting my application. The process was quick and painless - thanks to the checklist on your website. Keep it up."
– Davinderpal B.
"Thank you very much for your promptness and timely processing of my OCI card application. Your operating procedures are par- excellence. I am very-very happy. Thank you very much. Kind regards."
– Dharam K.
"Just received my colorful visa today. You guys turned what initially looked like a complicated task into a straightforward process. Thanks."
– William C.
"I cannot thank you enough for the prompt processing of the PIO application . I will be able to see my father in his last days thanks to you. I am very impressed by the efficiency with which the Indian consulate has handled my application. Your kind act and exemplary service is so appreciated by my family and it means so much to my mother who needs me in this difficult time."
– Sejal D.
"This is to compliment Marisse for her prompt action on my request for a visa last Nov. 2. I had to go to India for a tobacco control meeting and without her prompt action, I would not have been able to make this trip. I am now in New Delhi. Please convey my deepest appreciation for her kind assistance."
– Benjamin L.
"Got your email confirming dispatch of our passports. Good service indeed."
– Janardhanan
"I must compliment the Travisa Outsourcing team for the efficient processing of my OCI application. The process was very clearly explained through the website. Throughout the process Travisa Outsourcing kept me updated on the status of the application. The handling of paperwork and response to any email questions was prompt. Kudos to the Travisa Outsourcing team."
"I just wanted to say that Stacey was a HUGE help in the processing of my boss' visa. She was professional, courteous, and timely in her responses. I was grateful for her assistance and just wanted to say THANK YOU again!"
– Susie S.
"I was very impressed very timely service by Travisa of my Visa Application."
– Varang T.
"I submitted my New OCI application for my family on Oct 17th and your office has processed it very quickly and in a very efficient manner. As of Oct 19th, in 2 days, you have already reviewed and sent over to the consulate for further processing. I am very pleased with your service. Please keep up good work. Thanks."
– Jitu J.
"Travisa Outsourcing has been excellent in processing my OCI application. I was impressed by the very smooth process, clear instructions, and most importantly the ability to track the status of the process throughout. Additionally, when I felt concerned that my passport might not arrive in time for my immediate international travel, they were very responsive. Much appreciated. Thanks. Warm Regards."
– Swaminathan G.
"You are the best! I sent 4 passports for Indian visas. The instructions were crisp and helpful. The online tracking was excellent. I had to call for a minor clarification and the help was prompt and professional. I got the passports back in very short time. Nothing but good the things to say about Travisa."
– Rony T.
"Really appreciate the quick and transparent process for PIO. The entire process has been explained well on the website and is very easy to track. Kudos to Travisa Outsourcing and the Indian Consulate in Chicago. Good Work."
– Rohan
"Perfect web site and excellent feedback from Travisa Outsourcing. Thank you Travis Outsourcing. I do appreciate your kind help."
– Jivan V.
"Very good work. I was pleased with your promptness, accuracy, and organization. I thank you for your excellent work."
– Anil G.
"Thanks for the excellent service. I really appreciate the service."
– Mohammed L.
"I am really very impressed with the prompt service provided to me when I needed the most due to the death of my mother. Your helping staff really relieved my tension by immediately getting help from the consulate for my visa even though it was out of your control. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart."
– Prakash S.
"The gentleman outside, the gentleman who helped me to correct my papers, and the cashier were extremely kind and helpful."
– Stephens
"Hi, I called your office today with some questions about payment and mailing my applications. I spoke with Rachel, who was very helpful and answered all of my questions quickly and easily. Thank you for the pleasant customer service experience! Regards."
– Dan B.
"Michelle and Daniel WERE ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! I did not expect such kind, candid, and helpful people."
– Henry
"Luis has been our Travisa rep. for 20 students applying for Indian visas. Now that the passports with visas are almost in the mail, I wanted to tell Travisa that Luis has been great to work with. Just great. He calmly let us know where we messed up and what he needed and consistently kept in touch. I have really appreciated his attention to detail and his confidence that everything would work out fine. Thank you."
– C.
"I am very much impressed with the service you provided so far. Keep up the good work."
– Ghulam F.
"Hi Travisa Outsourcing thanks for the wonderful experience in our OCI process. It's been done in time, thanks for your effort and updates in time."
– Ansily A.
"Dazzling performance with outstanding online status updates!! Very Well Done!!! "
– Mohan A.
"My application for OCI Re-issue (New Passport) was processed both efficiently and in a timely manner. Your Tracking allowed me to see at all times the application status. 01/28/2013 9:47am PST Order form and supporting documents received, payment processed 02/22/2013 3:51pm PST Passport mailed out. Less than one month for the entire process. Thank you for all that you do to run such an efficient process."
– Laks S.
"I thank you for your efficient and prompt service of processing my visa request. It has been handled so well by your office. Great job! Thank you again!"
– Kavita U.
"Hi, your service is great. The process is explained clearly and provides peace of mind. I wish all the services provided by Embassy were outsourced to you. Thanks."
– Lava
"Extremely efficient service for renunciation. Loved the real-time status updates. The whole process was done under a week. The to and from next day Fedex shipping option provided by Travisa was very convenient and reasonable. I hope they process my OCI application (soon to be filed) with the same efficiency."
– Ajay K.
"I sincerely thank Val in particular for handling my case very efficiently. Not only did he respond back to my calls but ensured to resolve the problem. Keep up the GOOD WORK! I hope his supervisor does notice this compliment."
– C
"So far we've had a great experience with Travisa Outsourcing. I submitted 3 applications for me and my 2 minors, and I am very happy with the level of response and the customer service."
– Eleni A.
"Hi. I would like to let you know that Stacey who works in the SF office is an excellent employee. She goes beyond excellence in customer service! We need more people like her. She goes the extra mile for customers and is a joyous lady to talk with. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. May we all come across people like you in our lives. Thanks Travisa Outsourcing for having such a lovely lady."
– Janifa B.
"It is incredible timing, just took one week for a PIO Minor card. Thanks for the prompt service, you are awesome."
– Balaji B.
"I telephoned Travisa Outsourcing today with questions about my visa and was very impressed with the courteous and helpful response."
– Nigel H.
"Recently I visited Travisa Outsourcings office and I was able to complete work very quickly in 30 minutes of time period. People are very helpful and the atmosphere is quite good. Staff is very nice and helpful. Regards."
– Satish J.
"Excellent service and great online tracking. Thank you."
– Amandip S.
"You do a tremendous job in processing applications for visas! Very hi-tech and rapid. Thank you!"
– John M.
"Excellent service. Thanks to Travisa Outsourcing and CGI Houston for a very quick turn around on my son's PIO. I was keeping my fingers crossed as I need to travel next week you beat my expectations. I was expecting to complete the whole process in 10 days but within 8 days I have my son's PIO in my hand. I submitted on 4th April 13 and on the 13th April I have the PIO in my hand. Thanks again."
– Veeresh
"Excellent customer service & support."
– Aparna
"Your service was so great with perfect timing. I am really sorry that you are leaving, and my regards to all of you at Houston once again. Thanks."
– Koshy J.
"I just wanted to pass along my thanks for a job done exceptioanlly well. I was delayed in getting the application to Travisa Outsourcing, but the employees answered all my questions and managed to get my visa with a few days to spare. Thank you all!"
– George K.
"Thank you for regular updates and status tracking and for your prompt response, for any concerns. Excellence in service. Cheers."
– Srinivas
"I am a US citizen born in the US visiting India to attend a friend's wedding. I want to express my praise for Travisa Outsourcing. The materials on their site were easy to follow, and it wasn't difficult to fill out my application in a night once I had scanned my images. I finished my online application on Sunday night, sent in my paperwork via FedEx on Monday afternoon. Today is Friday of the same week and my visa has been issued and it will arrive at my house tomorrow. This is great service. Travisa Outsourcing provided a no-nonsense way of getting me my Visa quickly. The process was painless and the updates gave me peace of mind. This is how any service should be run. Thanks!"
– Josh L.
"Nice and prompt job with my passport, renunciation, and OCI card. Keep it up and thanks."
– Sajju P.
"Very satisfied with the clean offices, friendly, and helpful staff. Courteous and ready to answer questions."
– Dhruv J.
"In a world where everyone talks a good game but rarely delivers, I want to let you know how pleased I was with your service. I had a China visa processed through your Chicago office and the service was superb. It was a pleasure doing business with Travisa."
– Rich B.
"Great tool to upload and crop picture(s). Excellent!"
– Haresh P.
"I would like to thank you for your super efficient processing of my daughter's PIO card and equally important your very prompt updates of the status at every step - giving us constant confidence that the process is moving ahead."
– Rajesh M.
"I sincerly appreciate and highly admire the excellent handling of my OCI card application recently and the business visa in the past by the Consulate General Houston and Travisa Outsourcing. Both the Consulate and Travisa Outsourcing have been professional and prompt in their action. Keep up the good work and congratulations."
– Om B.
"I never thought that the PIO process would be so fast. Travisa Outsourcing, that's really impressive!"
– Sri K.
"I received my tourist visa and I thank your entire team for providing an excellent service. Regards."
– Shiva R.
"Excellent phone support and quick action on change in priority of the application. Wow! I am impressed with professionalism and extra effort that was put up by the staff. Can't wait to get the passport by tomorrow. Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot."
– Aarsh P.
"I would like to thank Travisa Outsourcing for helping me during my OCI application process as well as during my emergency visa process. I would like to personally thank Val for helping me out in a tremendous way while trying to get my emergency visa. I would like to personally thank him for his help without which it would not have been possible for me to get my emergency visa."
– Parag M.
"Dear Travisa Outsourcing and CGINY, Here is my personal appreciation and compliments to a job extremely well done by Travisa Outsourcing - NY and our CGI - NY. I have submitted the .New PIO Card for Minor. application for my infant son by courier on 1/22/2013 which reached Travisa Outsourcing - NY on 01/23/2013 at 4PM. The work started on Jan 24th and there after the workflow has been very coordinated and smooth both at Travisa Outsourcing and CGI - NY. Within 4 business days, everything was processed and the PIO card has been couriered yesterday morning and I have received the PIO Card along with passport today at 3PM EST. My kudos to Travisa Outsourcing for streamlining the administrative process and prompt updating of the PIO Card Status Page on its website. My best regards and appreciation to the CGI and our Consular staff for most efficient processing of the application. This process optimization has saved us from couple of possible personal trips to any of these offices and lot of time, money and effort. Great work. You clearly exceeded the expectations and did in a way, within the processing times indicated. Thank you all very much. Best regards."
– Suresh S
"I just wanted to say thanks for processing my OCI quickly so I could visit India to see my ailing father. All the enquiries I made were promptly answered. Thanks for your assistance. It was a big help for me. Thanks"
– Thanuja R.
"I Just wanted to let you know that Stacy at the San Francisco office was very helpful and courteous. She made sure that my passport was mailed to me on time. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart."
– Nasreen Z.
"Travisia Outsourcing has provided excellant service for getting us an OCI. We are proud of it. Thanks."
– Om J.
"The processing was lightning fast, I received my son's PIO in 1 week! The real time status update on Track Your PIO is really awesome!"
– Deepak
"I applied for an OCI card some days back. Somehow I made some mistakes while entering my personal ID number to see the status of my application on Document Tracking so I emailed Travisa Outsourcing and immediately Margaret, responded to me to help and then she put me in touch with Chris, in technical support. This person was a big help and he even called me on my cell phone to see if everything was okay or if I needed any further assistance. I called to talk to someone about my problems and the customer service person was very professional and respectful and answered all my questions with patience and kindness. Elizabeth responded to me right away. Katoya the consultant was very helpful in answering my emails. I appreciate this wonderful, committed, and professional staff of TRAVISA OUTSOURCING. Please continue to serve in the best way you can to the people whom you come in contact with everyday as you did to me. God bless you all and all of your good work."
– Joseph A.
"Great service guys! Superb work by both Travisa Outsourcing and the NY consulate on the PIO application. Within two weeks of applying for the PIO, the application has been processed and been mailed out. Keep up the good work!"
– Ashish A.
"I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Travisa Outsourcing for getting my visa and passport back to me within 5 days in spite of tough weather conditions in NY and NJ. The online updates are great. Thank you so much."
– Poonam B.
"Puja was the best! She was on the ball notifying us of what was going on and giving great input. We ran into an issue getting a visa for Russia that we never had before and she was sympathetic and very informative."
– Ruth B.
"Having read some of the Yelp comments I was a bit weary while applying for the visa. However I was pleasantly surprised to find a top notch , very professional service from Travisa Outsourcing. Everything was executed flawlessly."
– Kumar P.
"I would like to thank Pamela for her outstanding help on my visa application process. She was very caring and made sure that I got my visa in a timely manner. Great job Pam."
– Jayshree S.
"When I applied for my visa for India and also I recently applied for my son for a visa, both were executed in a reasonable time without any hurdles. Thanks, Travisa Outsourcing."
– Mathew
"Stacey was an outstanding help and gave a friendly, helpful voice to the process, which was a bit nerve-wracking because my plane is leaving in just a few days! Her emails helped explain the process and I am grateful for her assistance in speeding it along. I can breathe easy now!"
– Alma C.
"Great service. From the time I mailed the application form to the time I received was exactly 10 days, out of which 4 days was transit and 2 were weekends. The actual time taken to process the PIO is just 4 days. Very pleased with the service. Keep up the good job both Travisa Outsourcing and Government of India."
– Arun
"Nice and prompt job with my passport, renunciation, and OCI card. Keep it up and thanks."
– Sajju P.
"Once we had our applications in the mail to Travisa Outsourcing, they were quickly processed and I love the track your passport system. It is nice to be able to track the status every step of the way. Very convenient, and very quick service."
– Azra K.
"I had a great experience with Travisa Outsourcing. I got the OCI cards for me and family within 6 weeks since I submitted the applications. The application status tracking feature is awesome and email notifications were quick and prompt. Thanks a lot Travisa Outsourcing."
– Haridas M.
"Travisa Outsourcing has excellent services. I was able to check my status almost everyday until I got my passport and OCI card. Keep it up."
– Bina P.
"You guys did a fantistic job to get me my OCI. Every thing was done according to the highest standards. Wishing you all the best"
– Vijay D.
"Travisa Outsourcing's work is excellent, as they are very fast, prompt, and update the OCI applications status online quickly. I appreciate it. Thank you, Travisa Outsourcing."
– Honey
"Great Service, very efficient at every step of the process. Application Status is a great tool Thank you for your great professionalism."
– Roxanna K.
"Really great, great job. Even after Hurricane Sandy's destruction and backlog I got my visa in one week. Thank you so much. Keep the good work up!"
– Puneet K.
"Just want to write a note of appreciation on the service I received from you guys. The way you described the process in the website and the checklist provided are very clear and helpful. The speed at which you processed the PIO card surprised me. I got the PIO card within 10 days and I appreciate the way you keep me posted with updates through emails from the day you received my application till delivery of PIO card. Great service, informative website, clear and defined process, super communication. I am very pleased. Keep it up. Cheers!"
– Joby K.
"Great Service, very efficient at every step of the process. Application Status is a great tool Thank you for your great professionalism."
– Roxanna K.
"I just wanted to let you know that we received our OCI cards and passport yesterday. The process and updates from Travisa Outsourcing through out the entire duration was flawless and perfect and I wanted to congratulate your organization for making this fairly complex process straight forward, traceable and timely. Congratulations again on a job extremely well done!"
– Joe T.
"The guy in the front who manages the line outside is a very nice, courteous gentlemen. He keeps everyone orderly and calm. Hats off!"
– Raj
"Thank you very much. I was very impressed with the way my case was handled. Professional and promptly."
– Hansel D.
"Many thanks to Stacey of your San Francisco office for the extremely professional personal help she provided in expediting our visa applications. She was wonderful to deal with."
– Rachael U.
"I would like to thank Travisa Outsourcing for how quickly they addressed the issues with my visa and were still able to get my visa to me in time for my trip. Travisa Outsourcing was very helpful. Thank you so much."
– Matt P.
"Great service provided by Travisa and the Indian Consulate. I am impressed with the quick and efficient manner in which the PIO was processed. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work."
– Kavita C.
"Your team was awesome! Thank you sooo much for getting David's India visa so fast. Truly appreciated!"
– Anne P.
"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making the entire OCI re-issue process very smooth and transparent. At every point, the status updates on your website were very helpful and up-to-date. Congrats on a job very well done! Best Regards."
– Easwar T.
"I would like to convey my gratitude in your handling my OCI (new passport) application. I think the service was very clear and swift and prompt when updating status, instructions were very clear. Thanks."
– Ram P.
"I want to acknowledge the wonderful help Jon provided me. I had technical problems that I didn't understand nor could I correct. Jon explained what happened and why. He did technically what I couldn't do, and my visa application and Travisa Outsourcing order form have now been FedEx'ed. I know that this would not have been accomplished without Jon's help. He is a wonderful employee for Travisa Outsourcing and is to be commended."
– Kathryn P.
"I am extremely pleased to write this letter complimenting the Indian Embassy as well as Travisa Outsourcing for handling the PIO application so efficiently and promptly. I also had a question related to my application and Jennifer from Travisa Outsourcing was extremely quick at responding and resolving my issue. Thanks a bunch guys for such a brilliant service."
– Vivan
"Hi, I was earlier worried that my application was not showing as received and now it is in your system with latest status. Thank you so much Travisa Outsourcing! You are awesome."
– Amar M.
"Excellent service for processing our family OCI. Great staff and OCI was received in time frame they said. Keep it up."
– Vijay P.
"A huge thank you for the excellent service you guys provide. You have streamlined the entire process and most importantly provide constant updates via various methods of communication. Really appreciate your work. Keep it up."
– Ramesh S.
"Sharquis in the Visa department was the epitome of professionalism and compassion. I truly appreciate her assistance."
– Karyn B.
"Thanks for your services. Travisa Outsourcing does it the best. Got my Visa in less than a week. Special thanks to the SF office manager. Thanks."
– Vipal S.
"Thank you Sunita for your outstanding work and help. It was very kind of you to understand our situation/emergency. Sunita should be commended. Thank You."
– Anupam Z.
"Professional service of excellent standards. Status updates are very useful. Keep up the good service records."
– Thomas
"I would like to highly compliment one of your employees, Micah, who went above and beyond which made my experience at Travisa Outsourcing exceptional. I want to personally thank him and acknowledge his contribution to my pleasant experience. Thank you Micah."
– James B.
"Although my visa is not approved yet, I appreciate the transparency in how far along the process is. It is a great system for up to date status information. Thanks."
– Baljit W.
"Never ever have I seen the level of responsibility and accountability to the customer while dealing with bureacracy. Please keep up the level of service - much appreciated. Thanks."
– Manmohan P.
"I am writing this little note to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the help provided by your staff member to complete the visa applications form. She answered our questions very politely, enthusiastically, and comprehensively. Her name is Gwen (I believe phone was switched/transferred from San Francisco office to Chicago office). Please convey our sincere thanks to her."
– Bhartibala B.
"Excellent service. Prompt and great work, not only for my card but, also when I applied in the past for services for me and my family members."
– Lakshmi T.
"I think Travisa Outsourcing is the best thing that ever happened. Such a superb streamlined process from beginning to end. My PIO application took 10 days to process and I got the PIO card for my 2 yr old son. Instructions were clearly laid out and there was really no room for confusion. Good job guys!"
– John K.
"I had some issues with a lost previous passport containing a visa and Stacy in your office was just wonderful advising me and she also expedited getting my new visa processed in a most timely manner. She is a real asset to your company and I can't thank her enough! She is very professional!"
– Karen T.
"Hi. I Got my PIO yesterday. Thanks for all your support by answering my emails. The status update you have given in your website was really nice. Thanks again."
– Ithal
"I just want to thank Jon for his wonderful and courteous help in the preparing of our visa applications. He was professional and thorough, and gave me the sense that he had time for me and would help me get everything done correctly to make sure we got our visas on time. Thank you!"
– Douglas C.
"I had applied for PIO (New Minor) for my son. The processing was very smooth and it took around 20 days to get the PIO card even though it was Christmas and New Year time. No follow up was required anytime. The detailed document checklist which gets generated once the application form is submitted was very useful and self explanatory. Overall excellent professional work carried out by Travisa Outsourcing."
– Priyadarshan K.
"To Travisa Outsourcing I offer a VERY BIG Compliment for Mr. Chris. I had a technical problem uploading my photo and signature and I emailed Technical Problems. That very day I received an email from Mr. Chris AND he phoned me that same night to enquire of the exact nature of my problem! The next day, I was successful in doing what he suggested and he helped complete the process later that same day. His care, helpfulness, expertise, and speedy efforts to quickly help me complete my application made the whole application process a very positive experience. This superb level of customer service is quite remarkable these days! Travisa Outsourcing is very fortunate to have such an exceptional individual representing you. Yours sincerely."
– Eric D.
"Travisa Outsourcing work is satisfactory , as they are very fast, prompt, and update the OCI applications status on line quickly. I appreciate it. Thank you very much."
– Chandrakant P.
"This is a compliment for SF agent Stacey. She was able to quickly answer my questions and process the application forms for the visas without hesitation. She even verified all my mailing info before we were finished the call. Thanks Stacey for your assistance."
– Hanifa G.
"Travisa Outsourcing is providing an excellent service with all up to date information regarding application status. It's sad that they'll not be continuing their services due to new implemented reciprocal rule."
– Kunal P.
"Thank you Travisa Outsourcing, Indian Consulate, MEA, and Shanda for my 3 OCI cards. We received all our cards and passports. That was excellent service and a quick turn around. Happy 2013, now we look forward to longer stays in India. Cheers and happiness always!"
– Firoz J.
"Me and my husband are very happy with services done by Travisa Outsourcing and continue to enjoy working with the dedicated staff of Travisa Outsourcing."
– Kishori G.
"Thank you for being so quick with my passport and Indian visa. I really appreciate your professionalism and I will recommend you to my friends."
– Doris L.
"Travisa Outsourcing really gives very satisfactory service. I completed my OCI application online and send it to Travisa Outsourcing and now its on the way back to me and probably arrive today. Thank you."
– Jagtar S.
"Unbelievable service from this office. My application was processed quickly in person; I was sent a text telling me it was ready for early pickup. Fantastic. I wish all agencies had one tenth of your technology and personnel skills. Thank you!"
– Lisa K.
"Thank you so much for your advice! I will definitely follow your advice! You guys are marvelous! In our daily life, we need to deal with help desks of advertisers, service providers, etc. But none of those companies have technical support teams like Travisa Outsourcing has. I am sure that top management is proud of having you in their team."
– Cem A.
"Thank you for the excellent service. We received the PIO card within 10 days after sending the application. We had questions on the PIO card received, which Rick promptly clarified on the phone and in the email within a few minutes. Keep up the good work."
– Karmegam
"I'd like to thank Sylvi for assisting me with my visa and delivering wonderful customer service."
– Eliza L.
"I really appreciate the great efforts this company made for me. I was under so much stress whether I would be able to go to my home country or not because of a family emergency, but hats off to you guys for sending my visa on time. Thank you so much."
– Kirit
"Service is extremely professional and prompt. Application process is streamlined and user friendly. Great idea to outsource these services."
– Debasish H.
"I just wanted to thank you all for your fast and efficient service. I am a student hoping to visit a friend in India and made the mistake of waiting until two weeks before I left the country to apply for my visa. However, I got my passport and visa back with time to spare. Thank you so much for your help!"
– Dineth S.
"Thank you for your excellent and professional service for the Indian OCI application. Your web site kept me up to date on the status."
– Binu
"Thanks for sending me, my wife and my son our OCI cards. Your office performed an excellent & a very efficient job in getting our applications processed and sending us our OCI cards in a remarkably short time. Thanks again."
– Sadasivaiah M.
"I just wanted to say that Stacey was a HUGE help in the processing of my boss' visa. She was professional, courteous, and timely in her responses. I was grateful for her assistance and just wanted to say THANK YOU again!"
– Susie S.
"You guys have a done an outstanding job from start to finish. I'm so happy with the whole experience - especially informing the steps completed via email. Awesome Job. Thanks for the prompt, quick & great service! Extremely satisfying experience!"
– Shiv H.
"I am pleased with the timely updates and fast responses provided by Travisa Outsourcing personnel. Thanks for providing an excellent service."
– Nandhini E.
"PIO Tracking feature is EXCELLENT. Status is updated frequently with detailed informatioin. THANK YOU!"
– Chandra K.
"I flew in from Portland, Oregon to do my visa work in SF in person. Your staff were wonderful, cheerful, and efficient.Wow, what a good experience at the Travisa Outsourcing office. Thank you."
– Carol M.
"I just wanted to say how nice, friendly, calm, and informative the people at the NY Travisa Outsourcing office were. I had a problem with my daughter's visa, and have been there twice already, and they are great! Thank you for your wonderful customer service."
– Priya K.
"I just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys have done to make this process quick and efficient. When there was an issue with the shipping label I called and Jennifer from processing told me to email a label and she took care of it right away. My aunt got her passport back and she's very happy. Just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate how quickly and efficiently it was handled when the shipping label was sent. Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!"
– Leelamma J.
"I am very happy and satisfied with the fast and professional service. The tracking services was great and kept me updated on the status regularly."
– Manoj J.
"I would like to thank Dwayne in the New York office for taking the time to help me get my visa for my family. I was under extreme time pressure and Dwayne was very kind in making phone calls and making sure that I got my family's visa. Thank you Dwayne."
– Kollol P.
"Thank you very much for letting us know that the our visas have been approved and the passports are being sent in a pre paid envelope. We are waiting for the mail with sincere appreciation."
– Madan B.
"Thank you for keeping me posted at all stages about the progress of my OCI card application. Keep up the good work."
– Felix F.
"What a great service and a hassle free process with clear instructions which resulted in getting my PIO card in less then 2 weeks. Thank you Travisa Outsourcing!"
– Girish Y.
"I had very good experience with all the staff members to complete the visa application. I spoke to many staff and they were very helpful and professional and courteous. Thanks very much and keep up your good work . I received my daughters visa on time."
– Annmary T.
"My partner and I used your NY office services earlier this year for a China vacation and were VERY impressed with the accuracy of information provided by Travisa. I used your DC office services recently for business - you were the ONLY service that provided me with accurate information about visa requirements for Zimbabwe. Thank you for great customer service and for providing accurate information."
– Kathleen T.
"Impressed with the service. Received our OCI cards earlier than we expected."
– RD
"I just wanted to say that Sheema and Sara were very helpful in telling me the status of my students' applications (8 total) and helping me pay for return shipment. I now feel much more comfortable with the Indian visa process. Sheema thought, being my first time, I did great which was nice to hear too! Thank you again for everything!"
– Dawn W.
"Super speed. You guys rock. Keep up the great work."
– Balamurugan
"Travisa Outsourcing really gives very satisfactory service. I completed my OCI application online and send it to Travisa Outsourcing and now its on the way back to me and probably arrive today. Thank you."
– Jagtar S.
"I am very satisfied with the process. It was very quick. Thank you Travisa Outsourcing."
– Thiruvarangam T.
"Thank you for all you did to be sure this passport/visa arrived on time so I can use my passport on Monday."
– Joan C.
"Travisa Outsourcing, I am writing this note to let you know that I am EXTREMELY impressed by how well Travisa's OCI card processing opertion works. There is virtually no time wasted between steps and I can easily track progress through the timely status updates on the website. I think such a smooth operation is only possible when ALL of your employees are doing a great job. I hope that very soon all other government (and also private) departments can work this efficiently and effectively! Awesome job! Thanks."
– Vikram B.
"The whole process from start to finish was very efficient, it took around 70 days for the Houston center, I was informed via email about all important stages. Thanks for all your support and good work."
– Tushar P.
"I just wanted to say thank you to the amazing team at Travisa Outsourcing. I was delayed in applying for my visa and only had a few days to make it before my flight. I also made a mistake on my application - oops! But, even though I had so many issues and the process is maddening, people who work at Travisa Outsourcing are amazing. They are patient, kind and understanding, even in the face of practically constant anxiety and melt-downs. Thank you, very much. I am thrilled to be on my way to India for a dear friend's wedding - made all the more exciting by the Travisa Outsourcing team coming through in the last minute. All the best. P.S. - Huge thanks as well to the guys at the door for being awesome throughout."
– Pallas D.
"We appreciate the work you do. We appreciate the handling, assisting and processing of our new OCI application. We received everything in order. Once again thank you for all the good work you do."
– Mahendra
"Staff at Travisa Outsourcing office in Houston was very informative and answered all my questions. I was very happy with my visa process with Travisa Outsourcing."
– Vaishali V.
"Wow, wow, wow! What a service. Frankly, I never expected that we would recieve our PIO card for my child so quickly and, unbeliveably, the complete transaction took less that a week exlcuding the holidays. Thanks much Travisa Outsourcing team. Please do keep up the same service and commitment. Thanks a lot! Wish you all the best ahead."
– Balakrishna K.
"I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with the customer service provided by Chris in processing my Tourist Visa Transfer Request. Several days ago I was confused about the Order Form. It was a weekend and I didn't expect any response until Tuesday, Oct. 9, since Monday was a holiday. To my surprise, Chris had responded to my inquiry over the weekend. On Tuesday morning, I had additional questions, issues and problems that came up while I was attempting to complete the online application. Each step of the way, Chris was very responsive in assisting me. Finally, he helped me upload our photos and complete the application. I then realized I had made a simple but very important mistake in inputting a passport number wrong. I had to start over with one application completely. I was very grateful that once again, Chris was there to help me with the photo upload. Chris is a terrific and valuable asset to your team and I wanted to share this story with you. Thank you very much."
– Mary K.
"Dear Travisa Team, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the really super fast turn around for visa stamping. You just amazed me by getting the stamping done for my daughter in just 6 days. Keep up the good work. Thanks."
– Sathish E.
"I would like to acknowledge the professional and courtesy by your staff. I was not only surprised by the quick response, but by the processers understanding of their task contacting me to notify the error. I am truly thankful I did this online and will continue to use this service in the future. Keep up the good work."
– Walter D.
"I would like to sincerely thank Travisa Outsourcing for expediting my wife and son's Indian visa on such short notice. I really appreciate it! I would like to specifically thank Dwane and Sole for their professionalism, courtesy, and their promptness. This would not have been possible without them. Both Dwane and Sole are definite assets to Travisa Outsourcing and I wish them the best in all their endeavors."
– Joseph M.
"Very fast and effective service where every progress is captured for wonderful tracking. It is up to par with global standards."
– Sushil
"Staff members: Dwane and Ambar were most prompt, courteous and responsive. Despite a mistake on my part, the Travisa Outsourcing staff mentioned above, took extra effort to ensure the Consulate received the passports timely and visas were issued and delivered to me in time. Thank you Travisa Outsourcing. We look forward to our trip."
– Ashdown
"Really you guys are awesome. I got a PIO Minor card exactly in two weeks. Thanks for the prompt service!"
– Ramesh T.
"Dear Travisa Outsourcing Team! I would like to express my gratitude for the absolutely best customer service in your industry. Although my issues may have been simple to others, but I needed help. My questions were answered promptly and I was treated with professionalism and respect! When I sent the missing documents, there was a problem with shipment and I requested your team to keep on hold the case. The team was flexible and could wait for 2 days more and the Indian visa was issued without any problem. Wish you all the best, success, and prosperity! Many thanks to you all!"
– Marta
"Excellent service. Very timely and smooth operation. The customer representatives were also very courteous. Thank you for an excellent service."
– Indranil B.
"Very effective and well designed process, very clear in each and every step of processing. The great work of Travisa Outsourcing is totally appreciated. I will give it a five star!"
– Deep P.
"This compliment is for Micah. I am writing to compliment Micah for his outstanding service and support while applying for my India visa. I am conducting a study abroad course for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a total of 12 students participating in the study tour. Micah was outstanding in his service and support as we experienced delays due to technical difficulties, the holidays, and an unexpected snow storm. Without Micah's help, it is likely the course would have been canceled. Again, I want to express my thanks to Micah and encourage his supervisor(s) to recognize him for a job well done."
– Dean O.
"Thank you! Travisa Outsourcing you did an outstanding job in your quick replies in assisting me through the visa application. I am so very grateful to you. You took away all my fears and were of great help. Congratulations to you for your good work! God bless."
– Naomi C.
"Sir, It gives me great pleasure and appreciation to convey your office my utmost gratitude with regard to the prompt processing of my OCI card. All the best and sincere thanks."
– Thomas V.
"I just want to thank Jon for his wonderful and courteous help in the preparing of our visa applications. He was professional and thorough, and gave me the sense that he had time for me and would help me get everything done correctly to make sure we got our visas on time. Thank you!"
– Douglas C.
"Thank you for the promptness in processing my daughter's (Minor) PIO application and updating the tracking status on the website. I wish all places worked with such efficiency and agility. Thank you."
– Arup S.
"I do hope that a Supervisor READS these comments. While Travisa Outsourcing obviously has a sound reputation I would like to single out and identify one individual -Jon- who has been INTRUMENTAL in my being able to navigate the website; receive answers to questions not addressed by you while being thoughtful and extremely patient throughout! If I headed up a Customer Service Unit/Dept: this is the sort of model employee that I would like to retain on my staff."
– Ernest H.
"I really appreciate the services provided by Travisa Outsourcing. I got my son's PIO card in a week. Thanks for helping me in a crictical time. Great job! Thanks once again."
– Srini R.
"Excellent service. Received the PIO at lightning speed (less than 6 business days). Kudos to Travisa Outsourcing for such a great service."
– Naga P.
"Dear Sirs, We just recieved our OCI cards. FEDEX delivered them this morning. We thank you for very prompt, dependable, responsive service during this entire process. We compliment you and trust you will continue to provide oustanding service to the community."
– Kygonahalli S.
"We received our OCI today. It took less than 2 months! Excellent service by Travisa Outsourcing!"
– Suresh N.
"The process was handled extremely professionally and efficiently. Keep up the fantastic job!"
– Aarati N.
"Excellent service. Prompt & accurate. Hour to hour information through e-mail. Please continue like this forever."
– N.K. V.
"Mila was patient, informative, and super helpful. She made an extra effort to make sure my application was complete. Also the online tracking system is very thorough. I like the detail."
– Alex B.
"Anna was extremely helpful and did a great job of getting my Russian visa in just a few days. Thanks for the help!"
– Russ K.
"Thank you for an outstanding job in processing our application."
– Philip V.
"I FedExed my application Wednesday afternoon, and received the passport with the Indian visa the following Tuesday morning. Very clear tracking throughout. Many thanks for an efficient service."
– Barry F.
"Tony, assistant manager in Houston has been excellent in this process. I appreciate it very much."
– Joan D.
"I have applied for a visa to India and yesterday I went to the Travisa office at NY to drop off the papers in person. I wanted to thank Anthony (I hope that's the right spelling) for all the help he provided me. Even though the office was a little bit busy at the time, he didn't hesitate to answer all my doubts and questions about the process. I truly appreciate the attention and all the help he provided me. Nowadays, it's always a pleasant experience to encounter such knowledgeable and professional people."
– Sara G.
"I would like to compliment you in implementing subtantial improvements in the processing of OCI and other services. What a difference! Applications are processed promptly. Implementation of online status is a great addition. Answers to questions are prompt. Overall, thank you for all your work that has gone into it. Please keep it up. I appreciate all the enhancements in providing best services."
– Puran L.
"Appreciation for excellent tracking and forwarding."
– Irshad A.
"Your service is outstanding. Status is updated regularly; all email requests for clarifications are answered within a day. Over the years I have helped more than ten of my friends in getting their OCI and my experience is the same each and every time. Thanks to all at Travisa Outsourcing and NY Indian Consulate for a great job."
– Indira C.
"Excellent service. The whole process from start to end was very easy to follow on the website, prompt up to date emails from Travisa Outsourcing about the stages of the process. I would recommend this service to all. Thank you."
– Mandakini P.
"I wish to compliment Travisa Outsourcing in New York for the excellent and quick service we received from every one during the process. Our special thanks to Ms. Rose. We appreciate your timely service."
– Chelliah
"I can't explain the level of happiness you gave me when I received my daughter's PIO card last Saturday. We had some definite plans to travel to India, but could not book the tickets. I was troubled to learn from the forums that it takes more than 45 days for approvals. Guess what, I sent the PIO documents on 12/06/2012 and received the PIO on 12/21/2012. With the Christmas season on fly, I never thought the PIO would arrive so early. All kudos to the Travisa Outsourcing team who really ensured that every step was expedited, Importantly I never even had to call them once. It has only been 4 days and I have already recommended Travisa to about 10 people. I am very impressed team. Thank you for all your wonderful work! Thankfully the Indian Embassy was also kind enough to grant approval within 3 days. Thank you for making this happen, I can now travel peacefully."
– Domnic R.
"I went to Travisa Outsourcing this morning to submit my OCI application form. It just took not more than 4 minutes to complete the process as I had all the documents in place."
– Chandra
"I would like to highly compliment one of your employees, Micah, who went above and beyond which made my experience at Travisa Outsourcing exceptional. I want to personally thank him and acknowledge his contribution to my pleasant experience. Thank you Micah."
– James B.
"I am in process of getting visas to India for myself, my husband, and my three kids. Due to having followed an outdated guide on how to file for a visa printed by our church, I used your old address on Market St. and in the process of the post office returning my package as undeliverable, the package was lost for a week..with all our precious passports! In the anxious wait to get the package back or hear it had been safely delivered, I called Travisa a couple times. I am sorry to say I can't remember all the names of the people who answered the phone but I couldn't believe how quickly the phone was answered and how helpful they were! It was such a pleasure to call and talk directly with a human and not have to cycle through automated systems. Although everyone has been equally friendly and helpful, Rhonda, in particular was kind. She offered to even walk to the old Market St. address and see if the package was being held there by whoever uses those premises now. I'm sure you can imagine how stressful it is to have the Post Office tell you they've lost the most precious package you've ever sent in your life, so I was full of gratitude when Rhonda offered to go above and beyond like that. And Nikki is processing my documents now (they have since arrived safely! Props to the Post Office for not only finding the package but figuring out Travisa's current address for me) and is lovely as well. I really prepared myself each time I called for a frustrating, long, miserable experience, like calling the DMV or an insurance company or something. But it's been a pleasure instead. I'm busy, but I felt impressed enough that I had to write. So please compliment your team!"
– Kate B.
"I am very impressed by the service. It took only 10 days to get the PIO card for my daughter. The instructions on Travisa Outsourcing's website are very clear and easy to understand. The tracking tool is awesome and very effective. Thank you!"
– Gyan P.
"I'd like to give my sincere compliments and gratitude to Travisa and specifically consultant Charles Adedapo in the Houston office for their invaluable support in obtaining a very urgent India business visa…. Charles answered a number of questions and provided direction and assurances... He provided regular updates via phone and email and was always the voice of calm and reason during a very stressful time for us. With his help, the visa was issued and our CEO received her passport with India visa this morning. He also did something very important for me – he made me look good! Thanks again to Charles. He's definitely an asset to your company. We have now begun to partner with other Travisa offices for a number of other company business visas and I've had great continued customer support. I can say that I will engage Travisa moving forward and will recommend to my other colleagues in my field."
– L
"I want to thank all the staff for a splendid, thorough job. Initially I was apprehensive about the whole process, but it has proved to be flawless and well oiled. The Track Your Passport, is a great feature and is immensely helpful. Only one thing to say: Great Job! Thank you! Thank You! Regards."
– Meenakshi S.
"I am very impressed by the customer service. I had the pleasure of talking to Derrick and he was very courteous and helpful. Awesome service."
– Geetika W.
"I have to compliment your quick action in processing and issuing visas in an efficient and timely manner. I really appreciated your good management and quick responses. I received my passport and visa in a timely manner. Thank you and thanks to your staff. Please keep up the good work."
– Bharti M.
"I want you thank you for the excellent service you have provided for processing my 9 month old son's PIO application. Everthing was smooth and the instructions were clear and we have received PIO card and passport within 15 days the application has been received at consulate.Travisa does very good job in preparing your docs for sending to consulate and the updates are very quick on the website and very easy to track.Very prompt and reliable service.Thanks again for making it easier for us!"
– Toby K.
"In spite of heavy post Diwali rush, the team at Travisa Outsourcing San Francisco was very patient and courteous. Great job."
– Sunil
"Very professional and efficient service. Will certainly do business again with Travisa. Thank you."
– Steven B.
"I got the VISA as told, very happy and satisfied with the service."
– Rishaan B.
"OCI Card process was very well organized, very well communicated. It was very clear. Thank you so much!"
– Vishwa S.
"Great company and service others services could learn from you."
– James K.
"Simply awesome service! Other service providers need to learn from you! Thank you!"
– Krish S.
"I had occasion to phone for customer service today for help with a sticky problem. I braced myself for endless bureaucracy and intemperate phone workers, but I was first greeted by Shana who was very helpful, friendly and attentive to my concerns. She transferred me to Tyler, who was equally gracious and friendly as he helped solve my shipping problem efficiently and with great care for details. Please pass along my compliments to both these employees; they represent your company very well indeed."
– Martin L.
"Huge compliments for the service of Stacey, a consultant who did an outstanding job that went far beyond the call of duty. She was efficient, courteous, and very helpful. She is a big asset to Travisa Outsourcing."
– Faiz R.
"I had a few issues with completing my application and had to email and call Travisa Outsourcing a few times and everyone was wonderful, super knowledgeable and helpful! You guys are great!"
– Vicky M.
"I just obtained a visa for India and it was a wonderful experience. The instructions were crystal clear and the process went smoothly. I sent the package on Monday and the very next day I had a confirmation email of receipt. Within the next two days I got two more emails explaining that the visa was granted and that the passports were on their way. The whole thing took less than a week and was easy. I am impressed by the efficiency. Great job."
– Satish M.
"I really like the service and tracking information for PIO application. I got my daughter a PIO card from Chicago consulate in 10 days. Thanks!"
– Vamsi
"We would like to take a moment to thank the Travisa Outsourcing team for the excellent service with our OCI process. Thank you for answering all our questions regarding applying for a minor, timely update on the status. With your help, the whole process seemed very easy and we were really excited to get our OCI in less than 2 months."
– Kavitha K.
"Hi, I was anxious about the PIO process, but it is done very neatly and very organized. I got my PIO card for my daughter in a week from the day I dispatched the records from LA to SF. It was very fast. I appreciate your response and good work. Please keep it up."
– Prashanth R.
"Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your excellent and prompt service in issuing my new OCI. I highly appreciate your time."
– Srivalli D.
"I want to thank the Travisa staff for helping my husband and I with our trip to China last summer. I was so worried about how to obtain Visas; however, Travisa made the process so easy! Thank you so much for your assistance. I have recommended this service to several other people."
– Jane and LeRoy S.
"Office personnnel were welcoming, competent, and helpful. I am grateful and appreciative of the service. The visa arrived in time!"
– Frances C.
"I wanted to send a note to recognize and thank Stacey of the San Francisco office. She helped me out tremendously with getting my visa processed and back to me in time for my trip to India, on a very short timeline and under duress. She walked me through the complications that I had with the application and went above and beyond what I would expect from an organization. She's an incredible asset to Travisa Outsourcing. Thank you."
– Kelly M.
"I would like to express my gratitude to a phone representative by the name of Alexandra. She was able to help me out with an urgent matter in a friendly and efficient way. Please pass along my thanks."
– Renauri C
"I really appreciate the professional and kind way Delma and her boss dealt with my OCI process. Wonderful and they totally treated me as though I am the only customer they have. Exceptional & very individualized attention. I have never experienced any visa processing this pleasant (believe me I have gone through many).I have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you Delma and all your team. God Bless."
– Ahila
"Very efficient."
– Stephen E.
"I really appreciate Travisa Outsourcing for their prompt response in answering all the questions and queries within no time. Keep going! Thanks a lot."
– Rajendra
"The tracking system is really nice, it's great to see progress on the documents. Helps take a lot of anxiety away from these long processes. Thanks!"
– Amit C.