Transfer of Tourist Visa - Indian Consular Fees

These consular fees were generated on Jul 1, 2013 12:01am EST.

A Tourist Visa is given to those visiting India for tourism or other non-business related purposes. For transferring an Indian Tourist visa from an old passport to a new passport, both the expired passport which holds the valid India visa and the current passport MUST be provided. Visas can only be transferred to a passport of the same nationality (i.e. Visa transferred from a US passport to another US passport).

If you are transferring an OCI card, please visit and apply for 'OCI Re-Issue'.

  1. Fees:

    Note: Since consular fees are fixed on the basis of reciprocal arrangement/or special agreements between governments, the fees could differ for citizens of different countries. Consular fee once received is not refunded even if the visa application is withdrawn or visa not granted.

    A Processing Service Fee of $13.00 will be collected by Travisa Outsourcing per application, per passport. All fees are payable by Money Order (preferred payment method - payable to "Travisa Outsourcing") or Credit Card - payment with Credit Card may cause a delay (Visa and MasterCard only). The current schedule of consular fees includes the$13.00 service fee collected by Travisa Outsourcing is given below.

    Applicants needing a Protected Area Permit (PAP) will need to pay an extra $30.00 in addition to the consular fee.

    All Consular Fees and Processing Fees are NONREFUNDABLE, even if a visa is denied or if a visa is issued for a shorter period of time or otherwise issued or returned at a time or on terms and conditions that vary from those sought by the applicant.

    Travisa Outsourcing is a service company only. Travisa Outsourcing does not issue visas or in any way determine or control the issuance of, or terms and conditions of, visas, all of which is determined and controlled solely by the Consulates of the Embassy of India. Travisa Outsourcing is not and cannot be responsible for any determinations, acts or omissions by the Consulates.

    US Citizens - View More Information

    Duration of Visa Consular Fee
    Transfer of Visa to New Passport $28.00

    Non-US Citizens - View More Information

    Please note that US short term visa holders will be charged a reference fee of $20.00 in addition to the total fees below. US Green card holders and those who have a US long term visa (3 years or more) will not be charged the reference fee. Applicants with nationalities including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, China, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic will be required to pay the reference fee of $20.00 regardless of green card or US long term visa status. In cases where prior reference is required, the processing time is usually is 4-6 working days.

    Please note that it is strongly recommended that Non-US Citizens apply for the shortest duration available.

    Duration of Visa Consular Fee
    Transfer of Visa to New Passport $8.00

    Note that for citizens of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, processing time is a minimum of 21 working days.

    Sri Lanka Citizens - View More Information

    Duration of Visa Consular Fee
    Transfer of Visa to New Passport $8.00

    United Kingdom Citizens - View More Information

    Duration of Visa Consular Fee
    Transfer of Visa to New Passport $170.00

    Special Fee Rates - View More Information

    These are fees for citizens of countries which have an special agreement with India. The fee applies to all visas regardless of duration unless otherwise noted.

    Citizenship Consular Fee
    Afghanistan $0.00
    Argentina $0.00
    Bangladesh $0.00
    Jamaica $0.00
    Japan $11.00
    Korea, DPR (North Korea) $0.00
    Maldives $0.00
    Mauritius $0.00
    Pakistan $2.00
    South Africa $0.00
    Travel Document (India) $0.00
    Travel Document (Other) $5.00
    Travel Document (USA) $25.00
    Uruguay $0.00

    No Visa Required

    Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter India.

    • Bhutan
    • Nepal